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the FAll 2018 application is closed!

While we are not recruiting right now, we hope that you will consider applying come fall of 2019! we will update this page as we get closer to fall recruitment. The application will launch on august 19th, 2019

Any and all questions should be submitted to at any point throughout the year

If you need assistance on something not concerning recruiting, feel free to visit our contact page and reach out to the appropriate people

Thanks and Gig 'Em!

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Thanks for your interest in joining Gents of Texas A&M. Established in 2007, we have quickly rose to become a premier men's organization at Texas A&M. Our recruitment process takes place each fall, and consists of of three phases. A full timeline of events will be provided come Fall of 2019. The three phases of Gents recruitment are as follows:

  • The first phase will begin with applications. During the application period we host several informational meetings, social, service, and fundraising events before the due date. This is a time for not only us to get to know you, but for you to get to know us.

  • Following our events and the conclusion of the application period, we will extend interview invitations to applicants that we believe will best fit with Gents and what our members embody.

  • Concluding interviews, we invite finalists to become candidates. Candidacy is a 3 week period designed to help incoming members learn about Gents, how to be involved, and what we do. This is the final step before becoming a full member

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